Arndt von Hoff was born in Linnich, in the Rhineland: 50° 59' N, 6° 16' O
He is a trained sculptor with a Fine Arts degree of the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Arndt worked several years as an assisting sculptor to his former professor, the internationally acclaimed artist Tony Cragg. Over the years he developed a wide range of manual sculptural processes and complex techniques like model-making or casting in a huge variety of materials. Since 2000 the communication industry benefits from Arndt's exceptional creative talent as a freelance model-maker. Since 2000 Arndt is running his own studio and a team of assistants delivering creative and unique solutions for photo- and film productions and events. He is based in Hamburg.
70ies Vintage tennis-shirts 
Fake ice, frozen effect surfaces, figurative sculptures, monumental sets