Christoph was born in Verden on the banks of river Aller, in the north of Germany: 52° 55'N, 9° 14' O
After attending the anthroposophical Waldorfschule Christoph took classes in acting and directing and managed a restaurant. While assisting to photographers Christoph discovered the studio as an environment for his ideas. He developed a unique language how to stage food and life-style products for editorial or campaign shootings. Christoph delivers ideas, concepts and styling for internationally awarded images, always of witty and iconographic character. Christoph is Creative Director Food for NEFF, member of the Art Directors Club Germany, a proud supporter of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Bentheim Black Pied Pig and founder of the hedonistic "Speisegesellschaft": Christoph is based in Hamburg.

Boskopp, roast apple & Epicurus

Concepts and creative communication for still-life, food and event

German, English